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Painting the White House tells the story about the very, very dysfunctional day-to-day life in America's Executive Mansion. (Yes, this is fiction. Really. No kidding.)

Funny things have been going on at the White House for centuries. Consider the problems encountered by President Abe Robbins in this fun novel Painting the White House:

First Lady Janey Robbins likes to hang out in biker bars.


First Daughter Jodie Robbins gets herself kicked out of Yale.


Chief of Staff Warren Adams tries to kill himself.


Presidential aides Tom Thatcher, Polly Morris and Iris Jefferson struggle with their own dark secrets.


The press is closing in. Scandal is in the air. Is this any way to run the government? Luckily for President Robbins, an ordinary house painter shows up to give the place a fresh coat of paint. Soon, the painter finds himself at the center of the intrigues and adventures inside America’s Executive Mansion and becomes a confidant to the most powerful man on Earth.


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News: Painting the White House has been awarded First Place in the category of General Fiction/Novel-Under 80,000 Words by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.



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PAINTING THE WHITE HOUSE, a novel by Hal Marcovitz, is an imaginative and fictional fantasy of a painter hired to do just what the title describes, and while doing so becomes a confidante to the First Family and some of the the other main players. The author brings readers into the mind of the painter, who gets caught up in White House drama and with an engaging and curious nature, this well-crafted story is a fun read, allowing one to think, “what if?”

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