Hal Marcovitz has spent more than forty years as a journalist and author. A graduate of Lincoln High School and Temple University, both in Philadelphia, Hal's reporting career started in 1976 at the Pottsville Republican, a daily newspaper in Pennsylvania's coal region. He joined the staff of the Doylestown Intelligencer in 1978 and the Allentown Morning Call in 1982, both newspapers based in Pennsylvania. During his newspaper career Hal won awards for news reporting and column writing from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association.

   Hal covered politics for his entire career in journalism, giving him a unique insight into the reasons politicians do the often strange things that they do. Hal left daily journalism in 2006.

   In 1999, Hal started writing nonfiction books for young readers and, by 2020, he had authored more than 200 titles for several national publishers.  His 2017 book for young readers, The Opioid Epidemic,  was nominated for the $50,000 Kirkus Review Prize. He has also edited several books and was a contributing author to The Good Crisis, an examination of population issues in the 21st Century. Since 2015, he has served as a judge for the Eric Hoffer Award, a national literary contest.

   Hal's other novel, My Life With Wings, won a number of honors, among them first place in the New Fiction Category of the 2014 Beverly Hills Book Award. Wrote the US Review of Books,


"Even though his wife has left him and taken everything but the house, one day a man sprouts wings. Not metaphysical wings, real ones. There's some talk about consulting doctors, getting the wings surgically removed. He never gets around to it. Of course, he can't go to work: One can hardly show up at the office with wings. Medical emails are exchanged and friends visit. One wants to write a book about the winged man and offers to split the royalties. A literary agent gets involved, and publishing houses want to bid for the rights. Screenplay details need to be worked out. His wife returns, just in time for the auction party. But the man with wings has his own ideas. He climbs out of the attic window and gets up on the roof... This imaginative and even brilliantly written book will leave you hanging, like that man, from the gutters on the roof line, believing it might be possible to fly."

For information on how to receive a signed copy of either Painting the White House or My Life With Wings, or if you just want to say hi and provide your theories on why American politics is linked so closely with the proper application of interior flat latex paint, you can contact the author at hal@paintingthewhitehouse.com.